Travelling All Over The World For An Oriental Rug

handmade Pakistani rugs

Oriental rugs are mats or carpets patterned in styles inspired by cultures and ancient fables, among other artistic bents, from regions, cities and even countries distinctly located in and around the Middle East.  But long before the arrival of the internet and the great shoppers’ emporium that emanated from it as a result, Westernized consumers in love with high art but of lower to middle income dispositions have never really needed to travel very far to source classically inspired rugs from the Middle East and, indeed, from the Far East as well.

Long before the current crises being experienced by some, migration has always been a way of the world as it gradually became smaller and smaller. In search of the famed, illustrious or wished for better life, many men and women from these parts have uprooted their families and settled in parts that have long been part of your habitué. And whilst they have embraced assimilation they have been able to remain true to their cultures and religions.

Perhaps your acceptance of those who are different from you has something to do with this? Nevertheless, you are being rewarded. You are also being rewarded for your love of works inspired by longstanding cultures and ancient histories. You need not dial up a dealer in Lahore to source handmade Pakistani rugs, not since you can visit a shop in your own home town. But even then, if no such dealer is operating in your neighborhood, you can visit the shop online.

In essence, you still get to travel around the world to peruse and purchase a few oriental rugs, in this case, from the outskirts of Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan, a competitive neighbor to nations such as India and Iran.