Cigars from one of the loveliest places in the Caribbean

Whether you are flying over there for a vacation, doing some business over there, or, lucky for you, living there, the Caribbean, never mind that it has its fair share of storms and high seas, is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The people are really nice too. And within this stormy stretch of land lies Cuba, with Havana being its capital. By now, most of you will be familiar with the famous Cuban cigar.

It seems hard to believe that once upon a time it was illegal for you to be acquiring a box of fine Cuban cigars. And yet a fondly remembered American president was smoking them. Who remembers the Bay of Pigs saga? Anyhow, that was a long time ago by now. Thankfully, today, you can buy as many Cuban cigars as you want. In fact, you need not even have them shipped out to you because now they are manufacturing them locally.

small cuban cigars

And if you think smoking those big fat and famous cigars is all a bit too much for you at this point in time, you can always chuff on those small cuban cigars in the meantime. And then maybe you can always graduate to the bigger ones. Learning the fine arts of preparing a Cuban cigar, never mind lighting one up and puffing on it, does take quite a bit of time to master. But in the end, it is all worth the while.

And if you are really serious about this fine habit, you can always join a club, a cigar club no less. Here you meet likeminded and influential people who have been smoking the cigars for years, some even since way before the Bay of Pigs happened.